How It All Started

We like to say that business runs in our blood. Our ancestors were expert businessmen who passed on their hard-earned knowledge to the younger generations.

Originally from the sun-scorched lands of Rajasthan, we set up base in Hyderabad, the heart of the Deccan plateau.

Our textile trading wing was established more than 6 decades ago in 1956. Decades of textile trading have left a permanent impression on our minds, and we can confidently say that we know the market like no other company.

Foraying Into Greener Pastures

Although we began as textile traders, we eventually expanded into the processing segment. After setting up Sri Navdurga Textile Processors Pvt. Ltd. in 1990, our business became involved in not only trading, but also textile processing, dyeing and printing.

This shift in business proved to be quite lucrative for us as textile processing was available mainly in Western India at the time. Today, our products include a range of fashion fabrics in polyester and cotton.

Products That Raise A Storm

Honed by generations of marketing expertise, we had our fingers on the pulse of the market, enabling us to release a range of products that garnered huge demand.

Our products now have a niche of their own in the Indian textile market. Being debt-free, we’re able to focus more on strengthening our USP, which has always been to deliver the best-quality products at the cheapest prices.

An Unswerving Focus On Satisfaction

Our customers take up the highest priority in our books, and ensuring their satisfaction is our foremost goal.

We aim to produce attractively designed, cost-effective fabrics that are on par with the best in the world. This we accomplish by actively investing in new-age technology.

We've also managed to retain long-time patrons, while adding more to our ever-growing customer base.